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Towing Services - Starting at 85$ 

  • Towing is when two vehicles are liked,combined, or attached together in a way that is secure for long travel and strong tensions. Towing can be applied on land vehicles, water, aircraft, and pretty much anything that needs the force of a pull or push to be moved. To perform a tow, vehicles are combined together by the use of gravity and or a chain, hook, straps, and locks. Rapid Fast 24 Hour Towing Service knows that each tow is unique and requires different safety procedures.

Safety Procedures

  • There are numerous considerations and safety procedures that must be followed to perform a safe towing service. At Rapid Fast, we know the physics behind what happens with force and weight when speed is applied to them. It is incredibly dangerous to perform a towing service without the correct equipment and knowledge on hot to do so. The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Association states that more than 70,000 crashes a year are due to vehicle towing accidents. Tilt overs, unhitches, roll backs, and improper weight distribution, are uncanny situations that everyone should avoid. Our professional services will do it right, every time, safety is priority

Just a  Call Away

  • Towing services are rising in demand as time, wear, and the natural environment eats away at vehicle life. Expect Rapid Fast 24 Hour Towing Service to be open all day, every day, to assist vehicles in any roadside situation. You could try and fix your own vehicle, however, how much time, knowledge and patience do you have over the matter? Don’t make it a hassle; let us take care of your towing needs.
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Lockout Services - Starting at 50$

  • There comes a time when life itself takes hold and you may lose track of your vehicle keys. Lockouts happen all the time, as unfortunate as they are, they result from our schedules and busy lifestyles.  Don’t let a lockout bring your day to a halt, call for lockout service today.
Dont Try it Yourself

  • Although its proven that some vehicles can be broken into quite easily, we highly advise against this, you could end up hurting yourself or the value of your car by bending or denting the frame, not to mention the "what if you can get it open" factor, that just means more lost time. It’s important to note that newer vehicles have built in alarms systems that alert the driver when it believes it is being broken into, only remedy is to open it. Don’t lose patience and end up losing money too, just relax, we a few miles away.

  • We can help with your lockout needs at any time when the situation arises. We know time is ticking , thus we strive to arrive to all locations within 45 minutes of the call. We will help you in unlocking your car as soon as possible.

 We advise that you not try to get into your vehicle on your own, unless you have a good reason (kid inside-animals-Etc.).

Know the dangers of your vehicle and prepare for any roadside situation. Learn more..

 JUMPSTART SERVICES- Starting at 50$ Call Now

  • If the battery of your car is dead and you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere, it can become a frantic nerve racking situation. We have no doubt that you want to be back on the road as soon as possible. Knowing the basics in a jumpstart situation can go a long way. However for some of us, knowledge in these things is not our specialty. Thus, in case you don’t have this knowledge, read on and learn.


  • The first and far most important tool to have in your car is set of jumper cables.  Jumper cables are used to transfer electricity from one source to the other. To get power however, you’ll need an alternate source/vehicle to get power from and to your dead battery. This is where most emergency roadside situations can become a three hour scenario if no one is called.  You see, on busy days, no one wants or has time to help a stranger on the side of the road, thus it is up to us to ensure that you get where you need to be.


  • Don’t leave it up to a stranger and waste your time and resources; let a professional handle the situation. Rapid Fast 24 Hour Towing Service is pleased to offer you a prompt service . We really hope it doesn’t, but when the situation arises for a jumpstart service. We hope you count on us to help. When and if it does, we will be here.